Guillaume Meunier keysec

Guillaume Meunier has a passion for IT security and has been working in this field for eleven years. He joined Sogeti in September 2013 as head of the pentest team and, since September 2016, he has also taken the lead of the R&D team.

Guillaume Fahrner

Guillaume has joined the Sogeti ESEC Pentest practice in 2013. His interests mainly lies in UNIX operating systems, IP networks and Web insecurity. Founder of Root Me, he spends time working on hacking's challenges and CTF.

Michaël Kandharsingh

Michaël Kandharsingh has joined the pentest team in 2013 after a few years spent in incident response and vulnerability analysis in a CERT team. He has been playing in UNIX environments for the last 16 years, and knows where to find useful information when doing forensics analysis. He recently started playing with advanced exploitation in Windows environments.

Arnaud Calmejane ACA

Arnaud Calmejane has been performing penetration tests for few years. He works mainly on web technologies and Linux based environments. He spends his spare time between CTF events and embedded device analysis.

Pierre-Antoine Failly PAF

Pierre-Antoine Failly has been working for the Sogeti ESEC Pentest practice since March, 2014. He started through delving into general WEB security. His main focus and interests now lie in reverse engineering. During his spare time, he attends CTF contests and recently started to do some exploit development.

Adrien Fay lerobert

Adrien Fay has joined the Sogeti ESEC Pentest team in 2014. He mainly works on penetration testing on web applications and in internal networks. His interests mainly lie progressively in finding vulnerabilities against binaries.

Clement Berland clmnt

Clément Berland recently joined the Sogeti ESEC pentest team. He has a two-year experience in the area, he is a python aficionado and loves to exploit web applications.

Thomas Perronin

Thomas Perronin started at Sogeti ESEC Pentest in early 2016 as an intern. Worked on a TLS Scanner to get bad configuration and to spot vulnerabilities. He loves Docker in every aspect of it, security that came with it and the possibility to automate deployment as long as simplify the work for system administrators. He also likes Python 3.