The Story of yet another ransom-fail-ware

Tue 07 June 2016 by PAF, mirak

This article explains why it is still worth trying to reverse engineer a ransomware in order to retrieve your encrypted files

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Exploiting Windows 2008 Group Policy Preferences

Fri 20 January 2012 by trance

Internal network pentesting involving domain controllers requires a few steps in order to gain domain administrator access. One of them usually requires to gain local administrator access to a workstation. In this article, we show how this can be possible from a limited domain user account when specific Group Policy ...

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Playing with NFC for fun and coffee

Mon 28 November 2011 by trance

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies are more and more widespread in our daily life. They can be found in various fields such as access control, tracking systems (objects, animal), and vending machines. Security of these technologies has been the subject of various research work presented ...

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Using mail() for Remote Code Execution

Thu 03 November 2011 by geoffrey

Last week we had to assess the security level of a PHP web application from its source code, in a white-box context. During this audit we found original ways to take advantage of the mail() function for remote code execution and file disclosure attacks while bypassing open_basedir. This article explains ...

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Solving Honynet's Mobile Malware Challenge

Sun 01 May 2011 by trance

Last month, Honeynet members released their last forensics challenge, entitled Mobile Malware. The goal was to analyze a malware installed on a smartphone. The ESEC pentest team won this challenge; our submission is available here. In the meanwhile, this post summarizes our findings as well as the methodology we used ...

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